Improving the Knowledge in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology for Technicians and Workers
September 2014 - September 2017


KnowHy intends to create six different specialized courses with one common core module in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells focused on industrial technicians. Courses will be supported in e -learning format and will be available in multiple countries and in 7 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch).

Partners will promote the project among professional associations in Europe with the goal of training a minimum number of 1000 technicians.

Key features of the training programme developed by KnowHy project are:

  • Specific training, focused on applications which are nowadays in the market or are going to enter the market in a short term.
  • Comfortable format for active technicians.
  • Practical training, serious games and tutoring to complement the lessons.
  • Easily adaptable to other languages.

KnowHy will lead to a self-sustained training offer with the establishment of a legal entity to continue to offer the courses without any subsidy.


The Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon provides the experience from previous training projects (HyProfessionals) and colaborates in all the project activities, highlighting the control and monitoring of the courses. It is especially relevant its support to create the training module on fuel cell propelled forklifts for industrial technicians and the one about hydrogen production and storage.

Funding entities

This Project has been funded by the European Commission through the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking.