Promoción estratégica de las aplicaciones de dobre uso del hidrógeno en Aragón
November 2023 - October 2024


The main objective of the Hyduar project is to improve the strategic positioning of companies through the promotion of dual applications (civil or military) of hydrogen in their processes and products. To this end, a study will be conducted on the state of the art of hydrogen technologies used for dual applications, both in the civil aeronautical and defence industries, hydrogen technologies and their possibilities in industry will be disseminated, and training activities will be carried out for vocational training students to promote the adoption of innovative technologies that respect the environment. Likewise, the capacities and needs of the companies that make up the AERA and Aragon Hydrogen Foundation environment will be mapped, in order to promote the inclusion of hydrogen technologies in their applications and, to this end, the opportunities in terms of financing at national and regional level will be analysed, as well as exploring the existing European financing possibilities.


The Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon has supported the activities listed below:  Develop a study of the art of hydrogen technologies and their context for dual applications (civil and military), to expose examples applicable today that are of interest to the clusters that make up AERA and the companies that are patrons of FHa. Likewise, dissemination events will be developed to achieve the greatest impact of the study carried out.  Promote the strategic position of hydrogen and its value chain, providing support and actively participating in dissemination activities aimed at training and dissemination of dual technological possibilities. The dynamisation of events will be sought, thus boosting the detection of opportunities for the industry.  It will carry out a study of the capacities and needs of the partners of both business clusters, in order to detect business model opportunities for the development of dual applications, as well as the potential of the Aragonese industrial fabric.
Funding entities
Aragonese Institute of Development