The European Hydrogen Academy
January 2024 - July 2028


The aim of HyAcademy is to create an educational ecosystem for training in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies across Europe. To achieve this, several objectives are set out. Firstly, the creation of a web-based platform for teachers and students to access a library of free training materials and to create an online community. Secondly, teaching materials covering the entire hydrogen value chain will be developed as well as innovative teaching methods for schools and universities. To maximise impact, networks of more than 100 universities and 500 schools will be established and supported through the provision of training materials and curriculum development guidance. In addition to the creation of theoretical materials, a network of more than 5 practical laboratories will be set up as part of a resource-sharing network. Finally, HyAcademy will also establish the basis for the Net-Zero Hydrogen Academy through the conceptualisation and development of online curricula and tools, leading to the launch of a pilot test that could potentially provide knowledge in hydrogen technologies to more than 100,000 users.


Aragon Hydrogen Foundation will actively participate in several of the different stages of the project, starting with the needs analysis and support in the collaboration with schools and vocational training. An important part of its role is based on the communication between the project and the exterior, coordinating one of the public relations tasks and serving as a link with other training platforms, stakeholders or other projects such as GreenSkillsForHydrogen.
Funding entities
Clean Hydrogen Partnership and its members. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). Swiss Confederation Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).