Hydrogen Energy Applications for Valley Environments in Northern Netherlands
February 2020 - December 2026


HEAVENN is a large-scale demo project bringing together core elements of the hydrogen sector as production, distribution, storage and local end-use of H2 into a fully-integrated and functioning “H2 valley” (H2V). The proposed concept is based on the deployment & integration of existing & planned project clusters across 6 locations in the Northern Netherlands with a total initial investment of 88 M EUR. The main goal is to make use of green hydrogen across the entire value chain, while developing replicable business models for wide-scale commercial deployment of H2 across the entire regional energy system, which is abundant in RES resource available. H2 is used as storage medium to manage intermittent and constrained renewable inputs in the electricity grid; and an energy vector for further integration of renewable inputs and decarbonisation across other energy sectors beyond electricity, namely industry, heat and transportation..


FHa participates in this project leading the WP6, Impact Analysis and Business Models, with an active role in the environmental and socio-economic analysis of the project impact, and in the replicability of the HEAVENN concept in other EU member states. FHa is also involved in the education and training activities of the project. .

Funding entities
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU)