Assessment and management of water resources in renewable H2 projects.
September 2023 - April 2023


H2iber is a project whose main objective is to study the management of water and water resources in projects designed to produce renewable hydrogen. Therefore, its purpose is to contribute to the digitalization of the hydrogen production industry and to achieve its alignment with water resource consumption by means of software tools that allow a detailed analysis of industrial processes. This digitalization seeks to detect improvements in resource management systems, bringing efficiency to processes and contributing to the sustainability of water resources in renewable hydrogen production projects. The project has been designed in 3 phases, to gradually cover the control of water resources at national level for all potential hydrogen production projects that are being implemented or will be planned in the coming years.


The Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon is the project coordinator and is responsible for a series of tasks within the project: -Technical, financial, and administrative management of the project, in a comprehensive manner to ensure the successful implementation and development of the project. -Dissemination of project results. FHa will establish a dissemination plan in which the target audience, messages, channels, and frequency of the different communication actions to be developed will be established. -The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation will provide its extensive experience in hydrogen technologies to generate a source of data on water needs in renewable hydrogen production processes, as well as a breakdown of the main technical parameters to be considered in the development of a water resource management plan in hydrogen projects.
Funding entities
Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade Ayudas de apoyo a Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras (AEI).