Study of the design and remote monitorization system with versatile features of test and intelligent operation of reversible solid oxide fed with biogas from organic wastes
September 2018 - March 2019


The main aim of this Project is to design a test bench of reversible solid oxide stacks and mono-cell for their application as high temperature fuel cells and/or electrolysers fed with renewable fuels. This technology possesses the synergy with the wastes revalorization and the efficient exploitation of the biogas and also with the transition to the total decarbonisation of the current energetic system.

During the project it will be analysed the possibilities of unique features with regard to the versatility and the control system automatization which allows the monitorization, management and intelligent operation of the bench providing unique features to itself.

This project would position Spain in the international scene. The project budget is 14322€ with a duration of 7 months.


Coordination, bibliographic searching of the last researches and the current state of art, designing of a new test bench and studying of the monitorization and implementation of new technologies.

Funding entities

This project has been supported by the Ministry of Economy and Business.