Remote monitoring and management system with intelligent operation functions and application of Industry 4.0 in the design of advanced adsorbents for innovation in biogas upgrading and its use as a renewable fuel
September 2020 - March 2021


The main objective of this project is to synthesize new adsorbent materials that allow the optimization of biogas impurity cleaning processes, a process linked to the revalorization of this gas and its integration as renewable energy in the energy system. To this end, it will be essential to use simulation models to anticipate the adsorbent properties of these materials. Likewise, it is also intended to build a modern and automated test bench where the synthesized materials can be tested under the realistic conditions demanded by today's industry. This objective is strategic for all partners involved, since this technology involves the revalorisation of waste and the efficient use of biogas, as well as the transition towards the complete decarbonisation of the current energy system. This project will achieve a benchmark for future regional, national or European projects with the partners of the EIP.

To achieve this objective, the following sub-objectives are proposed:

Development of multifunctional hierarchical porous materials by additive manufacturing (adsorbent materials)

Analysis of adsorption and conditioning efficiency towards high quality biogas by means of empirical tests on an adsorption bed

Development of simulation models to anticipate adsorbent behaviour, understand the mechanisms governing the adsorption process and introduce improvements

Validation of simulation models with experimental results

Implementation of monitoring and automation systems to modernize the test bench with intelligent operating functions


The role of Aragón Hydrogen Foundation is to perform the experimental adsorption tests in the test bench, whose results will validate the two models developed in the project.
Funding entities
AEI-NTH (2019 – 2022)