Hydrogen filling station



One of the main applications of hydrogen as an energy carrier is its usage in fuel cell vehicles for transport, by replacing the current scenario based on fossil fuels.

Thus, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles must be refuelled in the so called hydrogen filling stations, which are analogous to conventional petrol stations.

There are currently two hydrogen filling stations in operation in Spain. FHA has one of them, with dispensing capacity for both passenger cars and buses. The supply of hydrogen comes from our alkaline electrolysis plant.

High-pressurized hydrogen supply is possible thanks to a two-stage compressor located upstream the hydrogen filling station, with a discharge pressure up to 350 bar.


  • It was inaugurated in June 2010.
  • Two possibilities in hydrogen delivery: 200 and 350 bar.
  • Compliance with legal requirements in terms of safety in potentially explosive atmospheres (94/9/EC and 99/92/EC).
  • Fully-automated filling process thanks to a PLC control system, ensuring a safe operation.
  • Three-stage cascade that allows for fast filling of the vehicle.
Funded by:
  • GHERE – Gestión de parques eólicos con apoyo de hidrógeno para aumentar el porcentaje de penetración en la Red Eléctrica
  • DEBHE – Desarrollo del balance de planta de un electrolizador alcalino