High pressure alkaline electrolyzer



Water electrolysis is considered as the most suitable technology for long-term hydrogen production at industrial scale. Specifically, the alkaline electrolysis is the most competitive system among the different types of electrolyser technologies, mainly due to its lower cost and higher production capacity.

In this way, FHA operates an alkaline electrolysis pilot plant under the development agreement with the Swiss technology leading company Industrie Haute Technology (IHT). The following research lines are being developed: new membrane testing, balance of plant optimization or mechanic redesign of cells and critical components of the electrolyzer. All of this is focused on the goals of cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the process.

The hydrogen produced during the electrolysis tests, is used for both stationary (fuel cell cogeneration system, uninterruptible power supply fuel cell, etc.) and mobile hydrogen applications (hydrogen urban vehicle, hydrogen forklift, etc.) at FHA facilities.


  • Nominal power: 200 kW
  • H2 production capacity: 30 Nm3/h
  • O2:production capacity: 15 Nm3/h
  • Operating pressure: 33 barg
  • Operating temperature: 85° C
  • H2 purity: 99,6 %
  • O2 purity: 99,2 %