Participation of the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation in the first Hispano-Moroccan Forum of Green Innovation

The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation has participated during 20th and 21st December in the first forum for the development of innovation projects within the framework of the green economy carried out in Rabat, Morocco.

At the event, jointly organized by IRESEN, the agency in charge of financing innovation projects in Morocco, and the CDTI, its Spanish counterpart, the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation has presented its technological offer, as well as the ELY4OFF project, in which a 50kW PEM electrolyzer is operated at the facilities of the Foundation powered by a 62kWp off-grid solar farm.

In addition, Green Energy Park of IRESEN in Ben Guerir has been visited, a platform for the development of solar energy where various photovoltaic and thermal solar technologies are integrated.

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