We are the only European entity involved in 5 hydrogen valleys

The platforms that bring together the main research and business agents in this field on the continent and the European Commission have signed a joint declaration in Brussels in which they are committed to strengthening collaboration to develop the hydrogen economy.

The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, chaired by the Vice President and Minister of Industry, Arturo Aliaga, is currently the only European entity participating in 5 hydrogen valleys, a collaboration model that the European Union considers ideal for extending and showcasing this technology by bringing together all the elements related to the production, storage, transport and end use of hydrogen in a single territory. Specifically, the Aragonese Foundation is participating in the hydrogen valley projects of BIG HIT (Scotland), Heavenn (Holland), Green Hysland (Balearic Islands), NAVH (Italy-Slovenia-Croatia) and SH2AMROCK (Ireland).

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