Safety and legal aspects related to hydrogen systems


When talking about facilities or equipment both related to hydrogen, it must be considered some cross-cutting issues, including safety and regulations, codes and standards (RCS) of such systems. Thus, FHA put his knowledge to meet the customer needs in the following aspects:

  • Area classification of potentially explosive atmospheres in the basis of ATEX Directives, and identification of general requirements in terms of safety, thus ensuring the correct operation at customer´s facilities.
  • Expertise in risk assessment methodologies and tools (HAZOP, LOPA, FTA, etc.) used to evaluate potential hazards in process plants.
  • RCS analysis depending on customer needs, and consulting on legal proceedings prior to a facility start-up or placing on the market a product.

Additionally, FHA is an active participant in the development of standards at both national and European level, by taking part in the technical committees related to hydrogen technologies: AEN/CTN 181 and CEN/SFEM WG H2, respectively.

Thus, FHA maintains a constant dialogue with stakeholders, including government agencies, industry and researchers related to hydrogen energy sector.