The Department of Industry and Innovation of the Government of Aragon and CIRCE have put an end to this initiative has starred in 8 sessions over the past two years to stimulate the realization of sustainable practices in business

Competitiveness and development of enterprises depends increasingly intelligent use of resources and energy. Under this premise, CIRCE and the Department of Industry and Innovation, Government of Aragon, wanted to recognize, encourage and support companies that have implemented sustainable projects, and made a positive contribution to the well-known “green economy”.

To do this, the two organizations have held a total of 8 business meetings between 2013 and 2014, under the “Plan to promote Eco-Innovation Business in Aragon” project, in order to present case studies on the implementation of measures eco-innovative in several industrial sectors. Thus, over 50 companies have been able to share their experiences and sustainability projects in the sectors of construction, energy efficiency, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and agri-food. It has also been remarkable participation in these meetings thirteen other research centers, allowing to show the approach of eco-innovation process from a research perspective.

Today was held at the headquarters of CIRCE, the last of these meetings, thus closing a cycle of conferences that has had a total attendance of over 650 professionals.

The last of the meetings has served to gather the most representative cases of the previous seven games, and has been attended by the Minister of Industry, Innovation, Government of Aragon, Mr. Arturo Aliaga, who was accompanied by the Director General for Research and Innovation in that department, Miguel Angel García Muro, and the Director General of CIRCE, D. Antonio Valero. Together, they have delivered the recognition of the companies and R & D for their participation and contribution to this initiative.

During these two years, the exposed cases, discussions, and exchange of views and opinions that have taken place thanks to these meetings have shown how the combination of innovation and sustainability, are a clear competitive advantage for companies.

Thus, experts have shown how the revaluation of waste, the use of natural or recycled materials, the use of more efficient and intelligent equipment, or to remember the life cycle analysis in product design concepts are applicable to practice all products and services, leading to significant reductions in water consumption, energy or raw materials, and consecuentedisminución costs and environmental impact.

In addition to meetings, another activity that promotes “Plan to promote Eco-Innovation Business in Aragon”, promoted by CIRCE and funded by the Department of Industry and Innovation of the Government of Aragon and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, is the accession of Aragonese companies to campaign eco-innovation. Through this campaign, over 300 companies have been recognized as partners in this initiative, you can access technical advice CIRCE about techniques and alternatives for a model more efficient and environmentally friendly business.

The ultimate goal of the project is to support the Aragonese companies to generate eco-innovative products and processes, and improve efficiency in the use of resources and promote productive convergence with the research and initiatives Public Administration .

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