HyTunnel-Cs: Successful conference results

HyTunnel-Cs achieved an optimistic conference outcome at the Dissemination Conference held on 14-15 July in Brussels, Belgium.

The opportunity to hear about hydrogen transport safety and considerations for use in confined and semi-confined spaces was a success for the project.

The recommendations presented by the project apply the safety by design strategy to hydrogen transport incident scenarios in tunnels, car parks and similar confined spaces.

On the final day of the HyTunnel-CS project, recommendations on engineering and modelling tools to carry out safety design and risk assessment were also provided.

The main public results of the project they presented:

    • Recommendations for the intrinsically safer use of hydrogen vehicles in underground traffic systems.


    • Recommendations for regulations, codes and standards.


    • Harmonised recommendations on hydrogen accident response.


    • Technology that prevents explosion in a fire-ventilated hydrogen storage tank.


    • Principles of inherently safer design of hydrogen vehicles for use in confined spaces.


    • Details of unique large-scale hydrogen release experiments, fires and explosions, including real tunnels.


    • Engineering and computational tools to predict the hazards associated with hydrogen release and combustion in underground infrastructures and confined spaces.


    • Quantitative risk assessment methodology for hydrogen vehicles in confined spaces with application examples.


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