Hydrogen technologies: summer course

Hydrogen Technologies: driver of change for industrial decarbonization. That is the title of the summer course of the Complutense University in San Lorenzo del Escorial. The course will be held on July 13-15, 2022 and will be attended by the Hydrogen Foundation in Aragon.

Why hydrogen technologies?

Hydrogen as an energy carrier has great potential to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and decarbonize the economy.

According to a report by the Hydrogen Council, projects related to hydrogen technologies will add up to an investment of more than 250,000 million euros worldwide until 2030.

Therefore, the relevance of hydrogen is evident and justifies the celebration of this course, which will review the challenges and opportunities facing a future economy based on this energy vector.

Courses everywhere

There are many courses and master’s degrees that, while giving a global vision of hydrogen technologies, do not accurately address, with the appropriate actors, the challenges and difficulties faced by hydrogen and energy-intensive industries.

Taking into account that by 2030 these industries have to incorporate 25% of hydrogen from renewable sources and that they have to drastically reduce their CO2 emissions, we believe it is relevant to propose the present course oriented towards the knowledge of the problems faced by these industries and the possible solutions to be implemented.


The course, with a duration of 3 days, will try to give an overview of hydrogen technologies in its first session (day 1).

In the second session (day 2), more specific aspects will be addressed, focusing on its usefulness for industrial decarbonization, paying special attention to hydrogen-intensive industries (refining and chemical oil) and energy (steel and cement).

This session aims to identify the challenges and opportunities that the development of renewable hydrogen presents in relation to the decarbonization of these industries.

Finally, in the last session (day 3), some of the big projects that are being carried out at European level in relation to hydrogen and that can give an idea about its present and future will be shown.

The Hydrogen Foundation in the course

Fernando Palacín, director of the Hydrogen Foundation in Aragón, will participate in the round table to be held on the first day of the course (July 13, 2022).

The topic to be discussed will be “Hydrogen Technologies: Present and Future”.

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