Hydrogen Europe publishes the 2x40GW Green Hydrogen Initiative paper

The European association Hydrogen Europe has announced the publication of the paper 2x40GW Green Hydrogen, which aims to promote a massive increase in the production of electrolysers in the European Union and thus support the production of green hydrogen.

Electrolysers are the crucial component in the production of green hydrogen from renewable energy sources. Both solar and wind farms need electrolysers to convert the electricity generated into hydrogen.

Therefore, Hydrogen Europe believes that this idea can be considered a great resource for the implementation of the European Green Pact. And they argue that if the desired production of 2×40 GW electrolysers is achieve by 2030, along with the additional renewable energy capacity needed, green hydrogen would be competitive with grey at that date. This could prevent the annual emission of some 82 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in the EU.

On their website, moreover, Hydrogen Europe explains why the power chosen: “80 GW is an arbitrary figure, but very substantial. It represents an investment of some 20 billion euros in Europe over the next 5-10 years: in plants, materials and supppliers. The importance of the 2 x 40 split is that half of it must be deployed within the EU and the other half in Ukraine and North Africa, both perfect locations for renewable energy production. The green hydrogen produced there would then be imported by the EU.

Download the paper here.

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