Last April was published in the BOA the approval to innovation projects in vocational training during the course 2014-2015, extended the course from 2015 to 2016.

Of the eleven projects approved in Aragon, 8 have been submitted by the Integrated Public Vocational Training Center Pyramid. The projects have very different objectives in line with the different formations offered by the center.

One of the projects is called Vocational training for the use of hydrogen, developed in collaboration with the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation.

The use of hydrogen is a new technology that presents a trend of increasing use, as stated in the market analysis in the report The Fuel Cell Industry Review prepared by the company E4tech.

The fuel cell and hydrogen technology directly address the social challenges of the strategy “Europe 2020” of the European Union. So, publicize and disseminate the use and application of this technology, skill levels corresponding to the technical training, helps promote technological change that separates us from dependence on fossil fuels, aligning with the objectives Strategic Master Plan Hydrogen Aragon.

At present training efforts are focused on university level, resulting not widespread media training levels, as in the case of vocational training. As this technology out of the labs and increase its presence in the productive sectors will increase the demand for qualified personnel in average levels (50%), as pointed to forecasts for 2020.

Therefore, the overall objective of the project is the development of training and teaching materials that allow technicians to provide vocational training for the knowledge and skills needed to adapt quickly to emerging labor markets related to hydrogen technology, promoting well Agility in the introduction of environment companies in these niche markets.

Once tested, evaluated and redesigned the teaching material, you can make available to other training centers to increase the scope and facilitate the transfer of the project. At this stage, the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation will support each of the centers.

In addition, these materials will be adapted, completed and extended including new trends and applications arising from continuing development of this technology.

The CPIFP Pyramid and highlighted as one of the six most innovative centers of Spain in the call for innovation projects in vocational training organized by the Ministry of Education in 2011. The Pyramid CPIFP developed eight projects that call for innovation applied in collaboration other training centers and companies.

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