Green Skills for Hydrogen: Recognised as best practice in sustainable energy education

The Green Skills for Hydrogen project has been selected as “best practice” in Theme 1: Teaching and Learning of the COVE SEED (Centre of Vocational Excellence – Sustainable Energy Education) project. This initiative is dedicated to promoting cutting-edge energy education tailored to the demands of the sustainable energy labour market.

Sharing excellence in energy education

The collaborating partners of the COVE SEED project seek to articulate and disseminate effective practices in the field of sustainable energy education. The aim is to enable the project’s affiliated Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) to draw lessons from innovative approaches to skills upgrading and retraining, thus fostering knowledge exchange between the five participating European regions.

Recognition of innovation

The selection of Green Skills for Hydrogen as “best practice” highlights its commitment to training highly qualified professionals in the green hydrogen sector. The project offers a comprehensive educational model from theory to practice, preparing students to meet the challenges of the energy transition.

A positive impact on energy education

The recognition of Green Skills for Hydrogen by the COVE SEED project is a testament to its positive impact on sustainable energy education. This project contributes to the creation of a workforce prepared to lead the adoption of green hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source.

The involvement of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation Aragon

The role of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (FHa) in the project is to design and implement a long-term sustainability strategy and programme that will guarantee the continuity of the project after its completion, ensuring the financing, dissemination and implementation of the activities.

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