EveryWh2ere, protagonist project at the Animoca Brands Aragon MotoGP Grand Prix

EveryWh2ere, protagonist project at the Animoca Brands Aragon MotoGP Grand Prix.

During the 16th, 17th and 18th of September, the Motorland circuit in Aragon took place and our Innovation team stood out with the installation of one of our projects.

The giant screen installed in front of the main grandstand was powered by a 100 kW hydrogen (H2) zero-emission genset developed within the framework of the EveryWh2ere project.

Pedro Casero, Head of Innovation, comments that “we tested it on Thursday to adjust operating parameters, and since then it has been in operation as the only source of energy for the giant screen, something that is normally done with diesel generators. One more step towards decarbonising both sporting events and other areas,” he celebrates.

Technical details for MotoGP operation

During the preparations over the last few weeks, the technical aspect was not too much of a concern because an LED screen, no matter how big it is, did not seem to be a challenge. Nothing could be further from the truth. This screen is designed for outdoor use, and has 5000 nits of brightness so that it can be seen correctly at a distance and in all lighting conditions, which is a very high value (a conventional TV can be around 1000 nits).

This, together with sequences with a high proportion of white (higher consumption) and very dynamic, causes changes in the power required that can reach tens of kW, and with high levels of harmonics. The design carried out at EveryWh2ere, and already validated at an Acciona site in San Sebastian, once again demonstrates the high levels of robustness and reliability that can be expected of equipment of these characteristics.

The photos show the configuration. There is a Linde platform supplying H2, a pressure regulator block with buffer storage, and the EveryWh2ere genset. The power supply to the display, being so large, requires two three-phase connectors, Casero explains.

Safety is a priority, and ensuring safety has been key to this demonstration at MotoGP. Both the technology incorporated in EveryWh2ere and the regulations that apply, as well as the procedures available, and the training of personnel, are the essential elements that provide safety in the operation of this demo.



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