Support the development of strategic projects, in the short medium and long term in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in order to create employment, generate wealth and improve the competitiveness of the industrial sector in the Aragon region.

Develop a strategic agenda that contains the master lines for the steps to take as well as a time horizon for them, integrating the activities of the scientific community, the current state of the art for the technology and the business projects.

Promote a network of companies where FHa is the main actor linking the scientific research produced in our R&D facilities with the industrial technological development.


FHa vision consists in:

  • Improve visibility at European and international level through partnerships and cooperation agreements in the hydrogen community.
  • Coordinate and implement the strategic agenda.
  • Enhance technology surveillance and competitive intelligence of FHa in order to project to wider time horizons and identify new job.
  • FHa as an instrument for Aragon region to position itself at national and European level in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

Environments of Interest

Based on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies:

Hydrogen production, storage, transportation and distribution, hydrogen and fuel cell applications, technology transfer, protection and economic impact, training and awareness.

Technological Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence

FHa considers essential Technology Management based on technological surveillance and competitive intelligence in order to support all the R&D&I process being performed. To do this, FHa:

  • Sets the methodology to identify, capture, analyze and disseminate information about new technologies and other emerging market trends, related to those applicable to its stakeholders environments.
  • Achieves the improvement of competitiveness of companies in Aragon region.
  • Develops R&D&I own projects or from FHa stakeholders.
  • Identifies, manages and transfers knowledge generated in the research groups.
  • Identifies, promotes and maintains appropriate alliances and partnerships among FHa stakeholders.

Research & Development & Innovation

The innovation process reaches the entire organization, being applicable to both internal and external projects as well as the internal process management.

The management department shows its complete commitment with R&D&I, ensuring the resources allowing to maintain the management system, development of its activities and tools and the commitment to meet the requirements of the UNE 166.002. To do so, FHa has: a motivated, multidisciplinary, and with high levels of technical knowledge team (main asset), constantly improving their skills through training and experience, and suitable infrastructure (equipment, facilities and intangible) for project development.

Continuous feedback with FHa stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement of the organization.

To achieve an optimization of resources and an efficient operation of the R&D&I, a rigorous process of internal and external analysis will be taken, which enable a proper selection of ideas that will be the basis for the establishment of objectives that are periodically transferred to the Master Plan and doing also a tracking for risk management and results associated with them.

FHa empowers its image as an innovative and committed to the research center, through the transmission of results to society on different scopes (conferences, guided visits to FHa, training…)